Electric Fencing

We keep 2 premier brands of electric fence, Pel and Patura. Quality doesn’t cost much more and pays with a longer service life and better performance than a budget brand.

Door and Gate Fittings

When you buy your new gate or door we stock all the fittings to accompany it to suit any situation of use.


We stock wheelbarrows from a budget builder's barrow to a FORT poly barrow.


We stock a range of Hoggs work boots,overalls and work trousers as well as Dunlop wellies. We also stock a selection of work gloves.

Vermin Control

If you have a vermin problem or just want to keep them at bay; we have a range of different methods kept in stock.


Every fence needs something to hold it together. We stock all types of fixings such as nails, screws, bolts and staples.

Wood Preservatives

No fence or shed is complete without a preservative. We have a full range for different applications from Ensele end grain preservative for cross cutting timbers to a full re-coat to enhance the look of your timber.

Fencing Tools

Whether you're a contractor or DIY enthusiast we have the tools to suit your needs to make the job easier.

Roofing Felt

If you have a project or a shed and you need that finishing touch we sell felt for the roof.