Stock Netting

Stock netting is suitable for all livestock. We stock a range of different brands to suit your budget with both high tensile and mild steel in stock. High tensile net strains tighter than a mild steel net and does not stretch when weathering, eliminating the need to be retightened annually. Mild steel does not need to be strained as tight as high tensile steel so gradual turns may be made off the intermediate posts. Both high tensile and mild steel are available in a green anti-corrosive coating.

Rabbit Netting

There are different grades and gauges of rabbit net to suit your budget. We recommend paying a little bit more for the Moreda or Tornado; this is the better graded net and it only adds a few pence per meter of fence.

Plain Wire

Plain wire is sold by its weight and is commonly sold in 25kg coils. It works best wound out on a wire spinner.

Horse Netting

Stock netting for horses is required to have vertical wires close together in order to prevent harm to the horse. R12/110/8 is standard horse net or R13/120/8 if you require a taller net.

Deer Netting

A net specially designed with close vertical wires making it difficult to climb. Grantley Sawmills sell the Tornado brand which is the market leader for this type of netting.

Pheasant Netting

A 6 line wire net which gives game birds access to cover whilst restricting the entry to other stock.

Weld Mesh

A netting that is made up of welded squares. It is mainly used for dog pens. We can provide this in 25m rolls or if that is too much, by the foot or metre.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is a green PVC coated wire with a galvanised core. It is often used around tennis courts and for security fencing.

Galvanised Gates

We keep IAE national box end 7 railed gate from 3 foot up to 16 foot. It includes RHS bracing with the top and bottom rails a diameter of 44.5mm. We are able to order in a lighter budget Ashbourne gate or heavier stock yard gates to suit your specific needs. We also stock Ritchie.